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Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week

Maternal Mental Health Matters Awareness Week is here, and practitioners are shining a light on important statistics, support and perspectives around perinatal mental health disorders. 1 in 5 mums will suffer from some form of mental health disorder when they have a baby, but shockingly few of them will seek and receive help.

I wish I could reach out my arms to all the mums out there who are struggling, and to offer them support 😢... but while I may not be able to reach out to everyone, I can say that everyone who attends our Baby Massage courses will be greeted with love, support and nurturing care. That’s babies AND (just as importantly!) mummies too.

We encourage everyone to hang up their ‘brave faces’ at the door, and give support without judgement. It’s okay not to feel like you’re always getting it right, like you’re overwhelmed, or even like you’re drowning. There is support available, and I am always here for anyone who wants my help to find it. Parenting isn’t easy, let’s stop expecting more of ourselves than to be human.

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