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To my baby's new school teacher

To my baby's new school teacher,

I don't want to be one of those parents who is fretting over the little things… I know she's 'more than ready' and she hasn't shown any hesitation in taking her first steps on this new journey. She looks so grown up in her uniform, and she already knows where to hang her coat and book bag… It's just that there are these little things, things that only I can see.

She might sit quietly and attentively, hanging on your every word, but she probably won't raise her hand, and she might not make eye contact with people very much… not just yet. If she thinks she'll have to speak out loud, or do something you've asked, you'll see her biting the insides of her cheeks - she's anxious, deep in thought and eager to get things right. You might have to be patient… she needs a few seconds to process a question, but she usually knows the answer if you give her time. Her eyes will widen and she'll fidget in her seat, she might even stroke her bottom lip to comfort herself. When she does that, she'll be thinking of me. She always strokes my bottom lip, she has done it since she was new born as I cradled and fed her. When she does it, her eyes glaze over and she feels safe. But now I'm not there for her to retreat to for reassurance. For that little pick-me-up. Please could you look out for those little signs and give her a little bit of love?

You'll probably think she's quiet. So shy and full of caution, but that's not really her. She's beautifully wild and hilariously funny. She loves to laugh, and when she does… she laughs from the pit of her belly and can't stop. I don't think you'll see that side. Maybe a hesitant giggle… as her eyes flit around the room to check it's okay to relax a little for a moment. Maybe. She tells jokes and plays the fool all day long at home, but you'll see her focussed and hard-working. She has such a long attention span and a great deal of self-motivation… but if she's like that all the time, she's not showing her true colours. She's not being herself. She is a magnificent rainbow of beautiful colours. The unfiltered, silly, determined, sensitive, affectionate, boisterous, wonderfully un-guarded version. She's brilliantly clever, with an impeccable memory and a thirst to learn everything about everything. I hope you can see how special she is?

Do you know how I envy you? That you get to watch as she learns and grows and conquers her fears? That you get to comfort her in her moments of worry or pain? That you get to see the wonder in her eyes through each stage of this new adventure… and I know the time will start to go by much faster now. Sorry I'm fretting, I know you're a wonderful teacher… it's just that she's my whole world.

Please cherish her.

From her loving Mama x

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