About Me

I’m Jayne, and I live in Lee-on-the Solent, Hampshire with my husband and our two wild and wonderful daughters.
When I became a parent for the first time, my whole world changed. My priorities, my perceptions and my dreams for the future were all shaken up. I very quickly learned that I was lucky; that my close family and friends were present and willing to provide constant support day or night. I also learned that however present and loving my close family and friends were, the world was on my shoulders - or at least it felt that way! The magnitude of responsibility of becoming a new mum hit me very quickly, and I knew that I needed to surround myself with a tribe of people who ‘got it’. I sought solace in the company of other new mums, and apprehensively stepped into the unknown world of attending ‘baby groups’.
What I found amongst the jingling bells, squeaking toys and luggage (lets face it, parents never travel light!) was truly amazing.  I found the saving grace of a knowing smile as my baby struggled through another growth spurt, the offer of a spare pair of hands whilst I rifled through the disarray of my changing bag, and best of all, a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for one another, all doing the best we could, all finding our way through the challenging moments, all so SO different but inherently linked by this journey we had embarked upon. I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people at ‘groups’ since becoming a parent, and it has often been those people I have depended upon for support in times of struggle, when all I need is for someone to tell me “my child does that too”.
I am incredibly passionate about the benefits of baby massage, and I am committed to ensuring that every parent feels confident in using the techniques they learn with me when they get home. I am also focussed on facilitating networking for new parents, and will invite all clients to join our Sweetest Feeling Collective on Facebook following their baby massage course, so they can share experiences, ask questions and have a method of keeping in touch with others from their course. I hope that when parents come along to my baby massage classes with their whole world in their arms, that they leave feeling more supported and empowered than they did when they arrived, and that the load they carry on their shoulders feels a little lighter.